Setting hostname in CentOS 7 and RHEL7

Setting the hostname in CentOS 6 used to done with: $ hostname This would only set the hostname until server restart though. To get »

Counting the number of watchers on a page in angular.js

A large number of angular.js watchers are usually the source of slowdowns in angular build applications. When using {{foo}} or $scope.$watch(...) angular will create »

Access parent iframe with postMessage

Rarely someone would need to use postMessage across nested iframes in cross domain scenario, but I came across this the other day: <iframe src="//www »

Run Windows Phone emulator in VMware Workstation

In case anyone ever needs to run Visual Studio's Windows Phone emulator for Windows Phone 8 in a VM running Windows 8+. You need to make »

Dealing with multiple IP addresses from access_logs in Splunk

If you have apache access logs that capture the X-Forwarded-For header because it has passed through a proxy or for some other reason. It might sometimes »