Run Windows Phone emulator in VMware Workstation

In case anyone ever needs to run Visual Studio’s Windows Phone emulator for Windows Phone 8 in a VM running Windows 8+. You need to make sure your computer supports Intel VT-x. This is because the emulator runs as a Hyper-V virtual machine. If this is not enabled, the error can manifest itself as this … Continued

Dealing with multiple IP addresses from access_logs in Splunk

If you have apache access logs that capture the X-Forwarded-For header because it has passed through a proxy or for some other reason. It might sometimes come in as a comma separated list of ip addresses of which proxies it has passed through., – – [18/Mar/2014:11:05:37 -0400] “GET / HTTP/1.1″ 200 1000 In Splunk … Continued

CDNs & Fonts

Recently I have had need of hosting my own webfonts while playing around with Bootstrap. Which worked fine when hosted through my own domain. But as soon as I tried to host those same files from a CDN or a domain that was not the main one (ex. static.*), the fonts would fail to render … Continued

Setting up Varnish for WordPress

Varnish is a web application caching proxy. It sits in front of your web backend (ie. apache/nginx) and provides an awesome caching layer in front of it to reduce the load on the webserver. It is great for sites that are not completely dynamic so that content can be cached for longer periods and round … Continued